CAKE Director &App Design

  • Design Team Management
  • Product & Process Design
  • Quantitative Research


As the Director of Design & User Experience at CAKE, my main focus was growing and assisting the Design team. Through my tenure I influenced change in the product management process to include user research and analytics in product decisions. Alongside a team of up to 4 product designers and 2 user researchers, we fulfilled the brand promise of making a restaurant operator’s job easier through clean utilitarian design.

In addition to managing and staffing, I was also responsible for designing and redesigning products.

Guest Manager

Table Components:

  • Unassigned

  • Server Assigned

  • Seated

Guest Manager is an iPad app that allows a restaurant host to manage their waitlist, including the ability to text a customer when a table is ready or communicate a curbside pickup. Alongside a talented product manager and a user researcher, we relaunched the product with a smoother experience and fresh interface.

The icing on this CAKE was a redesign of the flows & screens.

Universal Admin

High-level Information ArchitectureOrdered by Frequency of Use

  • Sales
  • Customers
  • Staff
  • Menu
  • Settings

Early in my tenure I noticed that a typical CAKE customer needed to log in to several different CAKE based sites to set up and manage their restaurant tools. This was an obvious challenge for our customers, and a growing challenge to manage multiple admin products. I took the initiative to pitch a single site to administer our tools.

This was a huge information architecture challenge with many stakeholders. I established an organizational strategy of separating sections by the different operations of a restaurant, proritized by frequency of use.

Nearly every product designer and user researcher played a hand at building the Universal Admin CMS.

Sample of the Universal Admin Redesign

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