CAKE Identity & Branding

  • Naming Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Identity Design

A Leap of Faith

(Old logo, not my design)

4 Years into operation, the tech incubator “Leapset” found product market fit in building POS systems for the restaurant industry. The startup quickly acquired 2 other products, began operating in 3 cities, and had ambitions to grow the product suite. We knew it was necessary to bring everything under one umbrella.

As the in-house Director of Design with branding experience, I was responsible for leading the effort. Alongside the Director of Marketing and an interdepartmental team, we diverged and refined what was to become the company’s new identity.

...And Eat it too

The team dove deep into a process of redefining the company’s core mission. It needed to be broad enough to cover our current and future products, yet specific enough to give the company a true north.

In the end, a common theme emerged:

Running a restaurant is hard. We bring smart technology solutions to make it easier for the people who operate them.

I led the process of vetting & selecting our consultants, then managed the creative direction for our new name and logo. Along with the mission and company goals, I added the stretch goal of finding a witty double entendre.

I worked closely with 100 monkeys, the world’s first naming firm, to narrow down options for the name. Our internal branding team made the final decision, we “had our CAKE.”

Icing on the...

Building off the momentum from the naming exercise, I partnered with talented designers at OVO to establish the logo. Our shared love for typography led to a beautiful logotype.

We collaborated closely on defining the rest of our visual identity including colors and base typographic rules.

This was the result: