Sysco Homepage Redesign

  • User Interface Design
  • Digital Branding
  • Front-End Development

The Global Leader

Old Sysco Site

Sysco is the world’s largest broadline food distributor and a Fortune 100 company. Their 600,000+ customers operate through their website and local sales teams. Sysco’s visionary leadership wanted to update their main site. As the interim Design Director, I was tasked with the redesign.

Working close with a product lead, it soon became obvious a total site redesign was beyond our scope of work. We decided the most effective step to take would be build, test and measure a new homepage design. This effort will give us a chance to roll back if necessary, while validating a new design.


Original Logo / Frutiger (Next)

The existing site predated a time when web fonts were available, so I needed to start with building a typographic style that reflected Sysco in a fresh way. When researching the Sysco logo I found it to be closest to the font Frutiger, created by the famous type designer Adrian Frutiger. Using a typeface made by the same designer is an easy way to keep a harmonious & clean design.

Avenir was selected for body copy, a modern san-serif typeface by Adrian Frutiger.

Delivering Fresh

I delivered the final design as well as coded the front end (HTML & CSS).

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